Review: Pizza Warehouse Paducah KY

Review: Pizza Warehouse Paducah KY

Review: Pizza Warehouse Paducah KY

Pizza Warehouse Paducah Ky Pizza
Pizza Warehouse Paducah KY


Pizza Warehouse is located behind Kentucky Oaks Mall in Paducah KY. It is at 451 Jordan Dr A, Paducah, KY. It is located in a mini mall which limits the parking situation at peak times. In this same mini mall is an Cold Stone Creamery, a pet food store, escape room, and a kids entertainment place called YaYa’s Island. The movie theater is just down the street also so if you want a full day of fun the location is convenient to keep the family busy. The inside is half bar/ half restaurant with a highly industrial look and feel.


We ate around noon on a Saturday. The location was fairly empty when we got there but started to fill up quickly and was quite busy by the time we got finished. I have visited this location at other times and they are generally busy.


Our waiter was on top of everything. Other times I have visited this location the service was sub par but this time our waiter never let our drinks get less than half full and was always checking on us. He was very personable and had a good knowledge of the menu. We did go one time in the evening when it was busy and had extremely slow service. But the manager made up for it and took off some pizzas which is great customer service in my book.


We ordered their version of mozzarella sticks which are big triangles of cheesy goodness. My only complaint was the marinara was just off. Not really what was wrong but just wasn’t good. We also got what is called a pizza roll-up. This is like a fresh cooked baguette with mozzarella and pepperoni stuffed inside of it. Those are absolutely delicious and I could eat just those for days. Oddly enough the marinara that came with those was unbelievably good. So not sure what the difference was there.

Pizza Warehouse Meatball
Pizza Warehouse Meatball


When ordering food from Pizza Warehouse just realize that the name Warehouse is not just about their industrial look. They sell huge pizzas. A small will feed 2 – 3 people easily. My wife got an all meat pizza and I got what is called the Ragin’ Cajun. The all meat pizza is topped to the brim with great selection of meats. The Ragin’ Cajun has chicken, shrimp, peppers, onion, and tomatoes topped with a cajun seasoning/sauce that is top notch. I could eat about five of those.

My middle son got a chicken bacon ranch stromboli and he could only muster about half of it. I have had the stromboli before and they are exquisite. My youngest got the spaghetti and meatball kids dish. He barely ate a 1/4 of it there was so much.

Pizza Warehouse Rajin' Cajun
Pizza Warehouse Paducah KY Rajin’ Cajun


I would give them an 9/10 rating overall. This visit’s service was top notch and the food came out quickly. But I have been there and experienced some slow service and had issues. The parking can be a bit tricky also due to the popularity of the mini mall. And in Paducah Kentucky around the mall traffic is always busy so make sure you get there early.

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