Funny parenting memes Toddler Edition

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I love parenting memes. They depict exactly what almost every parent has either experienced or can relate to because they have lived through it. This round of memes are dedicated to toddlers because I have a few running around my house. But some of these memes relate to any aged kids.

Funny parenting memes – Toddler Edition

Funny parenting memes - toddlers never sleep in
Toddlers never sleep in
via Dad Patrol Facebook page

Toddlers. Love them or love them. It seems like no matter how late you let them stay up. Or how many times they wake up in the middle of the night, they don’t sleep in. I’m not sure I remember what age my older kids started to sleep in. But it cannot come soon enough.

Parenting memes - Quick spirals - aka Toddler tantrums
Quick spirals – aka Toddler tantrums

Have you ever seen your toddler just throw themselves on the floor and start crying because you gave them the wrong color bowl? Or maybe you had two bananas that looked exactly the same and you gave them the “wrong” one? But somehow someway they get over it in about 60 seconds.

Mixing the juice just right - parenting memes toddlers
Better mix that juice just right

This one might not be an issue if you start them out the right way. But it is always a delicate balance. Nothing like a scorned toddler who doesn’t want to drink their juice because you watered it down too much.

The dad tax - parenting memes toddlers
It’s called a dad tax

Oh, the dad tax. My little ones get so mad when I take a bite of something that I give them. I even had one of them refuse to eat their snack because I took one out of the package before giving it to them. Jokes on them I ate the whole thing.

I can do it myself - parenting memes toddlers
But I can do it myself!!

If you have toddlers this is an all too familiar scene. They want to get dressed by themselves. Then the next thing you know they have their underwear on one arm and their head shoved through a leg hole in their pants. How do they even do this?

Diapers so saggy - parenting memes toddlers
It be like that sometimes

I don’t know if much explanation is necessary here. But you know the look. It’s early in the morning, you haven’t had your coffee yet and you haven’t changed them since waking up. This is usually what you end up with.

Yes we have food at home - parenting meme toddlers
Yes we have food at home

This is an I told you so moment we all learn. I can remember clearly asking my mom for Mcdonald’s as a kid and getting the “we have food at home” canned response. Yes I know we have food at home, but we don’t have McDonald’s at home. Now that I am the parent, we always have food at home, until I get tired of cooking for all these kids, then we get McDonald’s.

They are loud and hungry - parenting memes
They are loud and hungry

This is one I love. You have these wonderful babies and then all of the sudden they overwhelm you and make lots of noise and want to eat everything. HELP!

I love parenting memes and how they are so relatable to life as a parent. If you enjoy parenting memes hop on over to our Facebook page where I try to share parenting memes I find around the internet or ones I make myself.

*Any memes on this page or site may have come from outside sources. I try to credit where I can but sometimes I just don’t know who made the meme. If you are the meme creator and can prove it please let me know so I can give full credit.

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