Funny Parenting Memes – March 2024

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When you make it through the winter trapped inside with your kids you just want to get outside. Well, to get you to Spring and hopefully a warm and sunny Summer here are some funny parenting memes that I have either found or created. Most of these are original parenting memes created by me.

Himalayan Tiger meme

Himalayin on the ground
Himalayan on the ground

This is an actual picture we took at the Lousiville Zoo. It set up this dad joke perfectly and I executed it flawlessly on my kids. They all groaned a little because they thought I was dropping some knowledge on them.

Kids on your last nerve

Kids pushing that button parenting meme (last nerve)
Kids pushing that button (last nerve)

You know they can sense it, right? That last nerve. The button to push to make you lose all senses and make you rethink all of your life choices. You still love them, but man they will hit that button all day long.

Raising kids never gets easy

Raising kids is never easy meme
Raising kids is never easy meme

The toddler phase is brutal. They have so many things going on in those little brains but cannot seem to regulate. The hope is as they get older raising them gets easier. It doesn’t with each birthday it seems it brings new challenges and even when you think you got them over the hump a new challenge arises.

This doesn’t even stop with toddlers

Young children always want what is not theirs. Distracted boyfriend meme
Young children always want what is not theirs

It never fails. One of my daughters just had a birthday. She got lots of toys and was absolutely having a good time playing. Then she saw her sister was enjoying a toy and a fight broke out.

The evil inside of us all

Evil Kermit always has an idea (Evil Kermit Meme)
Evil Kermit always has an idea

So instead of sharing the toy from the previous meme this is usually what happens. I honestly believe that children 2 – 6 have this inner Kermit in them telling them to do bad things.

Sing it loud and proud

Kids love to sing so loud (bird singing meme)
Let it Go!!!

Dads get annoyed often but you know who else loves being annoyed, moms. My kids do this often. Mom is having a bad day and they just decide to make as much noise as humanly possible to further ruin her day.

Give me the snacks

Got any more those snacks? (Chapelle crackhead meme)
Got any more of those snacks?

My kids can pick out snacks from a mile away. I will literally walk into the kitchen grab a quick bite and walk in swallowing. They can be in their own little world then sense it. “Dad, what are you eating?” “Can I have a snack?”.

Are you sure about that?

You sure about that?
You sure about that?

As they get older this has to be one of the most asked questions in my head. I am sorry daddy I will never do that again. You sure about that? My face probably looks like his also when they say it.

Kids can be a handful. They can kick you in the gut but can also give you a hug and melt your heart and remind you why you love them so much.

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*Any memes on this page or site may have come from outside sources. I try to credit where I can but sometimes I just don’t know who made the meme. If you are the meme creator and can prove it please let me know so I can give full credit.

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