Cub Scout First Aid Kit Ideas

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One of the six essentials in Cub Scouts is a first aid kit. We like to call it a boo-boo kit because it doesn’t have to be something huge. Just a small kit for a few scratches or cuts if the scouts get hurt while out hiking or playing.

You can always go buy a small first aid kit from the store but it makes it a little more interesting if you have a meeting and build a kit with the kids. There are several different ways you can build first aid kits with your scouts and you can even make it a game.

What we include in our scout’s first aid kit

  • A few different size bandaids
  • antibiotic wipes or a small tube of antibiotic cream
  • medical tape
  • alcohol wipes
  • gauze pad

You can add to this list depending on the size of the kit you are making. You may want some safety pins or tweezers for getting splinters out. It might also be a good idea to include emergency phone numbers so if they are found someone can call their emergency contacts and not have to rely on a hurt child to remember their phone number.

Some other things that you might want to consider putting into a first aid kit if size permts

  • Scissors
  • Emergency blanket
  • Disposable gloves
  • First Aid Manual

Here are some ideas for cub scouts first aid kits

Medicine bottle first aid kit

Cub Scout First Aid Kit in medicine bottle
Cub Scout First Aid Kit in a medicine bottle

The tube bottles you get from pharmacies when you get your prescription filled make great first aid kits. They are easy to open (sometimes) and just the right size to fit in a daypack and not take up too much room.

Make sure to clean the bottle out thoroughly and remove any labels on the medicine bottle. If you don’t have any handy you might ask your local pharmacy if they would donate enough for your cub scout den to build the first aid kits. They might even throw in some bandaids or other medical supplies to help.

Plastic container with lid

Do you know those little plastic containers that lunch meat comes in? They have a nice little resealable lid that closes up pretty well. You can always take those and clean them out well and use that to make your scout’s first aid kit. You can also take a sharpie and write their name and some phone numbers on the container to save some space inside the container.

Small fishing tackle box

A small fishing tackle box is a little bit bigger kit you might consider. If you are building one to store in a vehicle to take on camping trips a tackle box makes a really good first aid kit holder.

If you decide to go this route you can take a wider variety of supplies and include some wrap bandages and larger first aid items.

Doesn’t have to be a fishing tackle box it could be a small toolbox or some other closable container. Just something that can help hold and organize some first aid supplies.

Altoid tin

If you want to go with a compact first aid kit an Altoids tin cleaned out makes a really good micro first aid kit. You may want to add some tape or something to make sure it stays closed because after a good use they might get out of shape and open easier than expected.

Zipper pouch

Cub Scout First Aid Kit in a zipper bag
Cub Scout First Aid Kit in a zipper bag

Seems every year I buy my kids new zipper pencil pouches for school. We have several just laying around the house. The soft-sided and ease of use to open and close make another great container for first aid kits.

Also, our dentist always sends home some floss, toothpaste, and a toothbrush in a small zipper pouch. Since we see him twice a year we have a bunch of those laying around. Most of them are semi-transparent so it makes it easy to see what you have in your first aid kit.

Fanny Pack

A small fanny pack can also make a great first-aid kit. They already can go around your waist and won’t get in the way of a day pack or backpack. And if you don’t have a fanny pack you could also get a drawstring bag.

Cub Scout First Aid Kit Games

Making First Aid Kits with scouts isn’t always a fun adventure. So why not play some games and make it something that will help them remember what goes in a first aid kit and maybe make them remember to bring it in their six essentials. Here are a few first aid kit games:

Memory Game

Get all the items you would need for a traditional first aid kit. Bandages, tape, scissors, antibiotic ointment, and other well-known items should be included.

You will need a sheet or blanket something to cover the items. Pick a few items and place them together and have the kids make notes of the items. Cover the items and give the kids 5 minutes to write down as many of the items they can remember.

Scavenger Hunt

Get your items to create the First Aid Kit and hide them around an area. You can give them clues as to where to find them or you can double dip and give them some coordinates and make it an orienteering challenge also.

Make sure the kids have a checklist and they bring the items back to a centralized location to construct their first aid kit.

Dice Rolling

Cub Scout First Aid Kit game - dice rolling
Cub Scout First Aid Kit game – dice rolling

Assign each item to create your First Aid Kit to a number between 1 and 6 (or 1 to 12 if making bigger kits). Have the kids in two teams and they can roll the dice to get an item. The team to gather all of their items first wins the game.

Card Game

The card game can work very similarly to the Dice Rolling game. Assign a card value to an object to be added to the First Aid Kit. When they draw that card they add it to their kit. You can make face cards wild if you don’t have something assigned to those cards to keep it interesting.

First Aid Kit Relay Race

Divide the scouts into two teams and setup two stations with identical supplies. Each team member will race to the station and grab one item and add it to their team’s first aid kit. The first team to complete their kit wins.

First Aid Kit Bingo

Create bingo cards with the different first aid kit items listed on them. As you call out each item, the scouts can mark it off on their cards. The first scout to get a complete row wins.

First Aid Kit Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course that includes different first aid kit items along the way. The Cub Scouts will need to complete the course while picking up each item and adding it to their kit. The first scout to complete the course with a complete kit wins.


Make some index cards with the first aid kit supplies on each card. Have them take turns with teams and act out whatever is on their card.

You never think about First Aid Kits until you actually need one on the trail. Even if you have never had to use one they are truly a six essential. My son and I went hiking and he tripped on a rock and cut his leg pretty well. If we didn’t have our first aid kit that trip would have ended real quick.

I hope you find these first aid kit ideas useful. If you do please consider sharing this article or letting us know on our Facebook page.

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