Fall Break Fun

Fall Break Fun
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Beggs Family Farm Goat
Beggs Family Farm Goat

Family Fun at Beggs Family Farm

Took the family on a quick day trip this weekend. We went to Beggs Family Farm in a small town of Blodgett MO right outside of Sikeston MO. Had a great time and the weather was beautiful. It amazes me at the ingenuity of the owners use of everyday farm equipment to make playgrounds for so many kids. They also have a corn maze and rides out to a pumpkin field to pick your own pumpkin. We chose to skip the ride to the pumpkin field to go eat at Lambert’s Cafe. Not missing the chance to have some good cooking and a few rolls tossed at my head.

Big slide at Beggs Family Farm

Looking at how they reuse farm items and equipment to make playgrounds just reminds me of how kids can see anything and make it a play thing. A stick, rock, vine, or cardboard box become anything their imagination will allow. And we always think as dads we have to provide them with the latest and coolest gadgets or toys. But really they will make do with what they have with a little encouragement and love.

Slide Beggs Family Farm
Slides at Beggs Family Farm

Do you have any hidden gems near you? If so let us know on our Facebook page or drop a comment with links.

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