Why am I here?

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For over twenty years I have been a father. I wanted to start this blog to help other fathers and those that are not fathers but looking for advice on how to raise and mentor the next generation.

As a Christian I feel God has led me my entire life to be a father and a mentor. When I was a kid growing up I always knew I would have a big family. I have three boys that are mine and my wife and I have been fostering kids for over a year now. Through these experiences I feel I have a lot to offer others, both what to do and what not to do.

My mom and dad raised five boys. I always respected my dad for not only how he raised us but just how he acted and mentored other kids throughout his life. I would love to share some of the stories and observations of how he handled himself and how his actions help guide my day to day life.

Some things I enjoy and will hope to talk about:

  • Fatherhood and mentoring
  • Family values
  • Fishing
  • Technology
  • Games (video games, board games, and card games)

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