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Why you should consider Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate is an offering from Microsoft for Xbox One users and PC users. It combined the Microsoft Game Pass and Microsoft Xbox Live Gold into one offering and one price. So with this new service you get the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass.  If you have an Xbox One and have gamers in your house you should definitely consider purchasing the Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate. What is Microsoft Game Pass? Microsoft Game Pass was launched in 2017 for the Xbox One ecosystem. The idea is a Netflix like service for gaming. You pay a monthly fee and with that fee you get digital access to about 100 games. You can download and play any of those games as long as your Microsoft Game Pass subscription was still active. Most of the games that Microsoft created were…

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My Top 5 Video Game Consoles Video Games. I grew up at the start of home video game consoles. I started with playing the Atari 2600 with my brothers. Then we got a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and ever since then I was absolutely hooked.  I have owned or someone in my house has owned almost every major console since that time. One of my favorite things right now is playing video games with my kids. Here are my Top 5 list of all time consoles. #5 Playstation 2 The Playstation 2 is the successor to the Sony Playstation. My older boys were younger so at the time we only had a Nintendo Gamecube to play games since most of what they enjoyed had to be family friendly.  One game that I was missing out on was Grand Theft Auto 3. Everyone loved the game but with kids in the…

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